Rossignol Blackops W Blazer

Skier: Erin Spong 

Skier Height: 5’1”

Skier Weight: 105 lbs

Ski Length: 170 cm

Ski Radius: 16 m

Ski Dimensions: 131-98-121 mm

The Rossignol Blackops W Blazer is the sister ski to the brand’s Blackops 98, but comes in shorter lengths and a different top sheet. Designed to pop and play all over the mountain, I trust the Blazer for days when I know I’ll be sliding rails, jumping off of natural features and slashing through every last secret stash. The twin-tip design gives me confidence to ride switch and practice my butters but the camber underfoot provides enough edge contact to lay ‘em over on a freshly groomed trail. 

Unlike the Rallybird, which sports a much more directional design, the Blazer is Rossignol’s premiere offering for the ladies who like to show off their unique ski style in the terrain park, through the trees and under the lift. Its 98-millimeter width gives the ski enough platform for stability, even with an inch or two of fresh, without being too bulky to throw around on jumps and rails. 

The ski lost a point due to it being slightly heavier than other park skis at 1800 grams for the individual ski.

What you need to know: If you love to slide rails and hit park jumps, this is the Rossignol Blackops ski for you. 

Overall rating: 9/10 

Ski link: Rossignol Blackops W Blazer

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