Rossignol Blackops Rallybird Ti

Skier: Erin Spong

Skier Height: 5’1”

Skier Weight: 105 lbs

Ski Length: 171 cm

Ski Radius: 16 m

Ski Dimensions: 131-102-127 mm

When Rossignol developed the Rallybird Ti to be the women’s stiffest ski in the Black Ops collection, they were envisioning women like Tatum Monod and Juliette Willman tearing up the entire mountain on a sturdy, playful, do-everything kind of ski. The Rallybird’s tip shape allows it to float like a butterfly in a few inches of fresh but the addition of alloy and titanal layers makes this birdy sting like a bee through hardpack and chunder. I’ve yet to find myself needing a different ski this season, including touring. Sure, the metal adds a few grams, but to be able to charge in the backcountry without second-guessing my ski’s ability to withstand whatever we come in contact with is worth the extra effort—I’d also recommend the CAST Touring system for this reason but to each their own.

While the Rallybird is stiff where and when you need it to be, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to play. Even my small stature can nose butter the tips of these babies and the name pretty much sums how she reacts in the air. 102 mm underfoot may not seem like much but even after skiing over a foot of fresh in Idaho’s backcountry, I’ve yet to ski a depth of powder too deep for this ski. And although the women’s Black Ops Blazer is a much better option for hitting rails, the Rallybird can hang in the park.  

What you need to know: This ski is made for hard-charging females, especially ex-ski racers, who find themselves all over the mountain, at the resort and in the backcountry. 

Overall Rating: 9/10

Ski Link: Rossignol Blackops Rallybird Ti

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