Völkl Revolt 104

Skier: Jack Mintz

Skier Height: 5’8″

Skier Weight: 155lbs

Ski Length: 180 cm

Ski Radius: 20.2 m

Ski Dimensions: 132-104-122

Side Edge: 2 degree

Base Edge: 1 degree

My first impression of the Revolt 104 is this thing can charge! It is designed as a big mountain freeride ski and that is exactly what it is. You can ski through anything on this ski whether it be hard pack, chopped pow, pow, trees, or even park. At 104mm underfoot it is a bit wide and slightly heavy to be a true park ski, but you can definitely get away with it.

What impressed me most about this ski is how it handled chopped snow. I was skiing some tracked out runs that had fresh snow on it from the day before and had no problem plowing through bumps of snow at a decent speed. The ski holds an edge well, and the flex pattern feels nice when you carve a turn. It has a little bit of a snap to it when you exit your turn which I like. The ski struggles when you are truly hauling ass which is expected with the tip rocker profile the ski has.

The mounting point is a bit aggressive at -1.75 cm from center, but I have skied center mounted skis and this did not bother me at all when carving turns. The ski is designed to be mounted here so it felt right, and I did not feel like I needed to be further back unless I was in deep snow. I have had some slight trouble with the ski on powder landings with the ski being mounted so far forward.

What you need to know: This is the perfect one ski quiver if you are looking to ski everything from big mountain, to powder, to groomers, to chop, to park. This ski does it all really well, but nothing great and that is why I take some points off of this ski.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Ski Link: Revolt 104

Video: Coming Soon

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