Skier: Jack Mintz

Skier Height: 5’8″

Skier Weight: 155lbs

Ski Length: 187 cm

Ski Radius: 19.1 m

Ski Dimensions: 125-96-114

Side Edge: 3 degree

Base Edge: 1 degree

The Masterblaster is advertised as an all mountain playful ski on hard pack groomers, trees, and does well in fresh snow. My overall take on this ski after skiing the Masterblaster in both Utah and Vermont is that this is not entirely true. When I initially picked up this ski I realized it was relatively heavy. This has a lot to do with the metal running down through it. This weight leads to both stability and stiffness.

I have found the Masterblaster skis very similar to a youth GS ski with the 19.1m radius; Which is why I put a 3 degree side edge on the ski. I have also found that you can truly haul ass on this ski while feeling very stable on edge. Another benefit to this ski is that it has a tail which comes in handy if you are landing or skiing switch. Contrary to what the ski is advertised for, I would not recommend this ski for fresh or chopped snow. With the metal in it, it is not very forgiving and doesn’t float very well. Being 5’8″ if I sized down from the 186cm size it might be a more playful ski, however I would be giving up some of that stability at speed.

The graphics are just icing on the cake to me when it comes to skis. J gives you plenty of options to choose from which is very unique!

What you need to know: This ski is not a one ski quiver. I would use this for days you are looking to ski groomers, haul ass, and hit little side hits at the resort.

Overall rating: 7/10

Ski link: J skis Masterblaster

Picture: Coming soon

Video: Coming soon

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