Skier: Jack Mintz

Skier Height: 5’8″

Skier Weight: 155lbs

Ski Length: 182 cm

Ski Radius: 18 m

Ski Dimensions: 138-108-128

Mounting Point: +2 from recommended

Side Edge: 2 degree

Base Edge: 1 degree

Getting acquainted with the beautiful Dynastar M-Free 108s for the first time was quite a treat. Right out of the gate, I was impressed by how well it skis on hard pack given its wide dimensions. The M-Free continued to impress me through turns, delivering stability when needed while still maintaining the composure to be playful.  I skied it in a breadth of conditions; I couldn’t find anything it doesn’t excel at.

The flex pattern of the M-Free on groomers is quite nice to ski on. It features a subtle rebound, making it fun to carve turns and accelerate.  I have found the ski to feel FUN all the time! Slashing turns, side hits, bumps, trees, the list goes on and on. The Dynastar M-Free 108 turns out to be one great daily driver, or a ski to bring up on the mountain when you don’t know what to expect.

When skiing fresh snow, the ski is at home.  It performs well in powder because it has wide dimensions, and its ethos is grounded in powder. 

Skiing chop on the 108 has been fun and the ski is pretty stable given the size being a bit short at 182 from what I would normally ski at this width and shape.  I feel like the 192 would perform better charging through and straight lining chop however I would be giving up some of the playfulness.  I am curious to give the 192 a try but that would be a bit long for me as I am 5’8 even though I prefer a longer ski.

When looking at the mounting point, it is a bit far back in my opinion; it’s recommended at -7.7, which is pretty far back if you are looking for a playful ski.  That being said, I mounted mine +2 from recommended, which has put me -5.7 from true center; this is still pretty back compared to more progressive Freeride skis, but I have liked how it has skied and it has worked for me. Most people with M-Free 108’s have told me that they mounted them further forward from the “recommended” mounting zone.

What you need to know: This ski can be a playful one ski quiver for someone who likes to ski all over the mountain.  The ski has the ability to do it all; rip groomers, hit side hits, ski powder, spin off of anything, ski the trees, and hit cliffs.  This is a charging and playful big mountain ski that leaves a smile on my face all the time. Plus, the M-Free graphics are hard to beat!

Where it lost points:  The ski lost points in my eyes for things that have nothing to do with the way it skis or the construction.  To start, I am not a fan of the sizing; 172, 182, and 192.  I like my skis in the 105-110 width closer to 185.  The ski does ski short, so I am interested to try the 192, however I do not think it will be as fun at that length in the air.  For the disparity in desired mounting point, I would like to see Dynastar offer multiple mounting point options on the ski. Rossignol, Dynastar’s sister company, puts a directional, recommended, and a progressive mounting point on their freeride skis. In my eyes, the Dynastar M-Free 108 currently only has a directional mounting point line on the ski, and by moving it plus two you would get to “recommended” or a more progressive mounting point.

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