HEAD World Cup Rebels I.SL RD TEAM

Skier: Tagg Hurtubise

Height: 5”7”

Weight: 135 lbs

Ski Length: 152cm

Demensions: 110-64-94

Radius: 12.1m

The Head World Cup Rebels are made for ski racing but can rip the whole mountain with ease if you know what you’re doing. I skied on this pair of slalom skis for 70+ days this year and loved every minute of it. The World Cup Rebel I.SL RD Teams are perfect for any racer, coach, or knuckle dragger.

Because this ski is so heavy, you feel connected to the surface of the snow at all times. The ability to carve short radius turns also makes it easy to teach drills and run through any course if need be. That said, this ski is not built for speed. Although it handles great at high speeds, a pair of Head World Cup GS skis will beat these any day in a straight-line race.
The Graphene layers in this ski give it a rounded flexibly that is felt through the entire length of the ski rather than just the tip or tail. This makes for an easy arc to arc transition as the ski is able to flex and straighten with virtually no chatter on the snow surface. Under icy conditions this vibration becomes more noticeable but isn’t enough to throw the skier off balance.

The ideal skiing conditions for this ski are obviously fresh corduroy but they handle surprisingly well on hard pack off-piste. This is because the sidewall and edges on the World Cup Rebels slices the snow and maintains turns shape through uneven terrain.  I even rode these on a handful of powder days, they were a champ, however not my go to choice. Although these skis did weigh me down, they forced me to ski with a more forward stance which somewhat helped to stay afloat on the snow surface at higher speeds.  That said, I would not want these for the tree skiing on powder days because they sink at lower speeds.

Overall, this ski is great for ripping those early morning groomer days or if you’re out for a long day coaching and racing.  If you want a ski that cuts through the snow like a knife through hot butter and glues you to the surface, this is the ski for you.

On-Piste 9/10

Off-Piste 7/10

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