Atomic Vantage 107 Ti

Skier: Jake Railton

Skier Height: 5’8”

Skier Weight: 175 lbs

Ski Length: 189 cm 

Ski Radius: 19.5M

Ski Dimensions: 138-107-125 

After skiing on the Atomic Vantage 107 TI, I couldn’t help but think that the ski was brewed in the garage of an ex-ski racer. If I were to review it in a sentence, I would posit the following: “high performance all-mountain GS (Giant Slalom) ski”. I got my first pair in 2019 after watching videos of Darron Rahlves (Ex-Olympian, World Champion ski racer) dropping his hip on and off piste; I knew I needed a pair. 

The Vantage engages in the snow at the top of the turn with ease as it holds strong through the apex of the turn, regardless of the conditions. I’m a kind of skier who gets his fix on making big arcs through cruddy snow. As such, having a ski that can manage such feats is a priority; the Vantage excels in these types of turns. The “HRZN Tech” Tips–which are spoon shaped– provide better float and reduce tip deflection; this turns the Vantage into a fun, poppy, semi-floaty powder day ski.

Every skier appreciates a ski that is cross-functional and versatile. If your skiing style is aggressive, fundamentally strong, and performed on a range of on and off-piste conditions, the Vantage is a fantastic everyday driver. 

If you are indecisive over sizes, I have had both the 182cm and the 189cm Vantage 107 Ti. I find myself (5’8”, 175lbs) in between sizes often. My first pair was the 182cm which performed well but at high speeds I could’ve used a couple extra cm’s. The 189cm charges hard! I found it to be perfectly sturdy and equally fun piping GS turns. In the trees, and in tight technical lines, the 189cm had its moments of feeling too long and lacking agility. If I had to choose one size to buy next, I would buy the 182cm, because 99% of the time it was enough ski, and it provided a more playful ride in tighter lines. 

Overall rating: 8.8/10

Where it lost points- The Vantage 107 can have some weird, hooky reactions to deeper snow because of its stiffness and shape. The shovel tip (HRZN) sometimes spoon each other and get stuck, which feels like crossed tips but it is much more subtle. Note- I am convinced there is no 10/10 ski, the vantage is the closest to 10 I’ve skied (besides maybe the Rossi Black Ops Ti, and Rossi Black Ops Holyshred). 

Ski Link: Atomic Vantage 107 Ti

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