Atomic Maven 93C

Skier: Sierra Schlag

Skier Height: 5’7”

Skier Weight: 130 lbs

Ski Length: 172 cm

Ski Radius: 17.9 m

Ski Dimensions: 127.5-94-111.5

Rocker Technology: 20/70/20

Just released, the new Maverick and Maven collection sends Atomic into a new era of all mountain skis. Knowing they could do more than the Vantage series, Atomic asked their athletes, ambassadors, employees, and industry professionals for their input into this ski-everything, North American specific collection. All that input certainly did wonders, because these skis can rip anything on the mountain with tenacity and stability. 

Personally, I got to help with deciding the name and the graphics on this ski and I am ecstatic about how they turned out. I first tested these skis on a video shoot for the release of the Maverick and Mavens. It was early season at Copper Mountain, CO and they skied perfectly in those conditions. Hard charging and carving on groomers, where I could drop my hip and I always felt like my effective edge was perfectly engaged. Through moguls and trees these skis showed up with their responsiveness and agility. Atomic added the HRZN tip to allow them easier floatation if you bring them out on days with fresh snow.

My ideal day with these skis would be a bluebird day when you haven’t had a storm in a while. I skied Snowmass in Aspen with these on a perfect groomer day and they were an absolute blast. I haven’t had a ski under 100 mm in awhile, so taking these skis down a freshly groomed run let me ski fast and carve with purpose. I don’t know how many skis I have skied, that during a run I have been hooting and hollering because of how they feel when they turn. Atomic’s Flow Profile makes for optimal edge contact during your turn and the Maven makes it easy to feel aggressive in your turn with minimal effort. 

Unfortunately, us females still get the short end of the stick in terms of ski manufacturing. Where these skis fall short compared to their male counterparts, the Maverick, is the range of size and width. The Mavens only go up to a 93 mm width and 172 cm in height, while the Mavericks go to a 100 mm width and 188 cm in height. As an aggressive skier and slightly taller female, these skis feel a little short and thin to my liking. They rip, but I wish I had the option to size up in both width and length. Atomic claims this ski to be a one ski quiver, but for most females seeking a one ski quiver, I think they would want more length and width and that is why I score the Mavens at an 8/10.

What you need to know: The Mavens are ideal on bluebird days where you can rip groomers and moguls. They fall short on terrain with new snow because of the limited options for width and length. You’ll feel like a hero carving the Mavens on fast groomers and through soft moguls.

Overall rating: 8/10

Ski Link: Atomic Maven 93C

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