Skier: Seabass Halpern-Reiss

Skier Height: 5’7”

Skier Weight: 170 lbs

Ski Length: 180 cm

Ski Radius: 20.5 m 

Ski Dimensions: 133-98-123

The Armada Edollo is renowned for its park/all mountain playfulness, creating a name for itself and garnering high expectations. Deservingly, the Edollo lives up to the name of 13 time X-Game medalist, Henrik Harlaut himself, leaving few disappointed. Having a flex pattern of 4-5-5 (nose-underfoot-tail stiffness, gauged on a 10 point scale), a rider can tell that these are meant to be nose pressed all day long; packing a stiffer underfoot and tail warrants a powerful arc in almost any condition. The first time I stepped onto the skis I was greeted with the confidence necessary to commit into the noses and slam onto a rail. Another important aspect that makes these bad boys so effective is the thick edge and base material that Armada has engineered. 

Coming from the Armada ARV 96, I felt right at home on the Edollos. They have the all mountain play of the ARV but have a hard charging park focus that lends itself to a more aggressive skier unlike the ARV. Edollos kill it all over the mountain—perfect as a daily driver. The skis  caught stride in the park, especially on hard impact landings. Other notable facets of the Edollo’s far reaching capabilities were big side hits on mountain slopes, and its consistent carving capability regardless of edge condition underfoot. The few drawbacks include abrasive conditions such as moguls, as well as high speeds being a bit hectic due to the softer tips. Nevertheless, the Edollos hardly restricted me from charging head on, especially where it counts.

I score this ski at an 8.75/10. It is incredible at most features, but is more suited for someone who skis with an aggressive style on the mountain as well as in the park. If you want to get everything out of the Edollos, then you really need to work for it. This aspect leads it to being less ideal as a ubiquitous daily driver. 

What you need to know: This ski is a one ski quiver for an aggressive park/all mountain skier, ideally going from bush parks in the morning, to all-mountain laps, and then hightailing it back to school or work.  

Overall Rating: 8.75/10 

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