Armada saw how skiing was going to change in the early 2000’s. Armada’s main focus is on the freeride, or freestyle skier. “The handful of people at the epicenter of skiing’s evolution came together: five skiers and a photographer from across the US, Canada and Europe consisting of JP Auclair, Tanner Hall, JF Cusson, Julien Regnier and Boyd Easley, along with snow sports photographer Chris O’Connell, or “OC.” This crew was poised to adapt the team-based model of snowboarding and skateboarding to a ski brand.”

Armada has been at the top of freeskiing over the years. Sponsoring top freeskiers; Tanner Hall, Henrik Harlaut, Phil Casabon, Sammy Carlson and Torin Yater-Wallace to name a few. Armada skis are for the skier with a freeride, or freestyle mentality on the mountain.

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