About Us

Across the scope of any market, a reviewable product prompts reputable critique. You don’t see a city bike commuter reviewing Lance Armstrong’s road bike, you don’t see a child taking Gordon Ramsey’s place on Hell’s Kitchen, and you certainly don’t see the community flag- football MVP subverting Jim Nantz at CBS Sports. What we are trying to say here at Blunt Ski Reviews is that the ski industry lacks a gold-standard for ski reviews. Someone may describe the ski saying “It doesn’t carve well”, though who knows if the reviewer even knows how to carve a ski? Our Blunt Ski Reviews team is representative of elite skiers from all dimensions of the ski world, removing this “ski ability ambiguity” from the equation. We aren’t interested in reading about a ski’s google-able ski facts or a list of likes and dislikes—where’s the flavor in that? At Blunt Ski Reviews we offer you our experience, hoping to help you find something that will facilitate a memorable experience for yourself.

At Blunt Ski Reviews we take the questioning out of who is testing the ski, and give you our blunt review.

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